*Planum Duo Concrete Interlocking Flat Tile

The *Planum Duo Concrete tile with its mock bond feature gives a realistic appearance of a smaller format roof tile while providing all the advantages of a large format concrete tile.

Revolutionary New Protective Finish

The Top-Long Life surface comes as standard on the *Planum Duo concrete range, with its ultra-smooth flat finish, acrylic colour coating and polymers sealing the tile giving “pore-free” edges. All our roof concrete tiles are guaranteed for 30 years, so whatever style and finish you choose, you have complete peace of mind.

Technical data



312 340mm

Covering Width (mm):
300 ± 2.0 

Minimum Roof Pitch:

Number of Tiles Per m2:

Weight Per Tile:
5.0 kg

Weight Per m2 (min):
50 kg

Battens Per m2 (min):
3 - 32

Batten Size:
50 x 25

Fixing Clips:
Eaves and Tile Clips

Nails – Ring Shank Aluminium Alloy:
45 x 3.35mm

Screw fixings recommended for low pitch:
4.5 x 45mm

Please Note: Fixing specs may vary due to roof pitch and location.

For lower roof pitches 15º - 22º:

  • Counter-batten roof. 
  • Use high-quality roofing felt and increase existing overlap by 100mm and tape joints. 
  • The gauge of the tiles should be increased to a headlap of 100mm.
  • Ensure good ventilation. 
  • Clipped/Double Screw and laid broken bonded.
  • All areas around the roof perimeter and abutments must be properly finished as well as those around ‘roof type’ windows.
  • Two stainless steel fixing screws 4.5 x 45mm with a neoprene washer.


Our *Planum Duo Concrete tiles like the *Planum concrete, are also available in six different colours and with a wide range of fittings. It's thin leading edge and a covering capacity of just 9.8 tiles per m2 with a minimum roof pitch of 15° makes installation easy and economical. Laid broken bonded the Duo gives a realistic appearance of a smaller format roof tile while providing all the advantages of a large format concrete tile. The *Planum Duo concrete establishes a new standard for flat tiles, which everyone from architects to roofers will appreciate. It has an ultra-smooth flat finish and clean ‘pore-free’ edges make the finished roof look stunning.

  • Superior quality interlocking flat tile
  • Ultra-Smooth Flat finish
  • Long Life Concrete Technology
  • Clean, Smooth ‘Pore Free’ Edges
  • Economical – Only 9.8 tiles per m2
  • Range of colours and quality fittings
  • Faster, easy and secure installation
  • Nelskamp 30 Year Guarantee 

Popular Fittings Include:

  • Segmental Ridge Tile
  • Left Hand Verge Tile
  • Half Tile (handed)
  • Half Left Verge Tile
  • Cloaked Verge Tiles, left and right.
  • See slide show below for full range


Manufactured to comply with the performance standards of EN490/491 and DIN Plus.

*As per European trademark Nr.7287956, filed on 2nd October 2008, the Trademark PLANUM belongs to La Escandella. It is Dachziegelwerke Nelskamp as authorized licensee of the owner allowed to use the mark PLANUM for its concrete product. 


Cayenne Red


Slate Grey

Anthracite Grey

Dark Brown

Onyx Black


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